Being Taken for Granted

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This is something I wouldn’t particularly say I have experienced as such but I do feel it is something to be brought to attention. Taking each other for granted is pretty much in what it says. There are people who may not realise that’s what they are doing and there are some people who are fully aware of it but feel they are doing no wrong. Taking advantage of someone’s kindness and generous nature isn’t a pleasant thing especially in a relationship whether the person realises they are doing It or not.

There are relationships where the one being taken advantage of will say that they don’t mind that their other half treats them that way and won’t make any step in bringing the issue up. Sadly this is not right. As I have said in previous blog posts I am sure it is very important to have an equal relationship where both are respected and treated well.

There are couples where they go the traditional husband wife role where the man feels he needs take care of the money issues and do “man stuff”  and the woman does the baby and food making and the “girly things” to do with the house. What happens here is an issue may come up with the woman’s family and she may need to take care of things leaving the man at home alone for a couple of weeks. This is when the man realises the worth of his wife when he is lost in the kitchen, has no idea how to do the baby stuff, work vacuum or even how she managed to do it all in one day (basically a Santa doing Christmas in one night :op)

It works the same way for the girls. Date nights out, and your other half pays, getting a lift to and from xyz, receiving compliments everyday and the many random gifts you may not even realise you are getting. You may get annoyed with your man for many things but don’t take for granted the things he does for you with out even so much a than you because it’s so in routine so normal that you forget to show appreciation and maybe even return the Love back 😀

We do more for each other then you can even imagine so once in awhile a bit of thanks wouldn’t go amiss ;0)

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