Lover’s Tiff- On a Break!

Hey Hey! ūüėÄ

This kind of comes under Lovers Tiff so I’m going to place it here ;oP

I don’t think we have spoke about this yet so lets have a go. Having a break from your other half is daunting and sometimes when things get bit rough sometimes you need to take a break. No phones, meets or any kind of internet communication and just do your own thing for a bit. Its normally up to you how long you can go without each other for depending on who decides it in the first place. It’s not the¬†best and I do find it difficult to get through that sort of thing, as being away just makes you want¬†to be together and talk and see each other even more then before :0(

I remember¬†the first time we had time apart¬†and have a small break from each other. I admit it wasn’t that long but it honestly felt like forever and I hated it and hated him for wanting a break¬†too. I was happy to see¬†both my Special Someone and my Furry Princess, so happy¬†I was in tears. I know I’m baby but it’s bound to happen if you have never been away from each other for more then a week. Our relationship after seemed to make¬†some¬†improvements. We were much closer and more attentive towards each other. More importantly we had missed each other which sometimes you need to have in a relationship because with out missing each other you start to take each other for granted. I wouldn’t always think of having a break from each other as a good thing especially if it is used to run away from problems but it is good for just having a time out to have your own personal space for a bit.

Having problems and wanting to take a break is a good thing. Sometimes you get so caught up in what you hate about each other that you forget what you do Love about each together and time apart gives you space to reflect on that. However using it as a way to avoid your problems is not. It is not something I have ever done but know it does not help things. Your problems may go away while you go out with friends and do your own thing for a few weeks until you meet your other half again and jump back into your relationship again thinking it’s all solved but it really hasn’t actually gone away. The time apart is like a breather and when you come together again of course you won’t want to talk about your problems straight away but at least after a week of being back you may need to be brave and just talk about it. find away to solve what had gone wrong. Talk about what you had thought about while you were apart and what changes you would like to see. What ever it is just don’t avoid it.

Love each other and spend time together but don’t forget to have your own time to really¬†appreciate your time together.¬†

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