Pencils of Promise- BubzBeauty

Hey Hey! 😀

This blog post I will be Sharing some Love that needs spreading ;0) 

I’m sure some of you must have heard of BubzBeauty on YouTube and recently she uploaded a video on Pencils of Promise which she is again supporting this year 😀

Click the link for her video:

I remember watching her video from last year where she was selling “I’m The Corny Kind” Poop sweatshirts to raise money for 2 schools in Laos which she succeeded in doing. This year she has made a “This Shirt built a School” design to help build 3 schools in Ghana which feature her 2 dogs Domo and Chubbi.  

I was not able to buy it last year but did not want to miss out this time so I bought one!!! 😀 YAY!! untitled

All the money made from the shirts goes to Pencils of Promise to help build schools for the children in Ghana. 

Please click to see her page and order her shirts, palette (small percentage goes towards the charity) or to just donate to Pencils of Promise:

You can make your purchases and donate on Lindys website until the 14th November 2016- Not long left now!!

 Please contribute and support this charity to help get the children of Ghana to be able to go to school to learn how to read and write and gain an education for a brighter future.

Share Your Thoughts and Spread the Love to the children of Ghana!!! 😀


X x x


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