Cute or Sexy

Hey Hey! 😀


Growing up I remember everyone in high school wanting to be sexy and hot. It was what the guys wanted and the girls wanted….. apparently.

For me not so much and to be honest I wasn’t exactly either of those things :O I was cute in my own awkward way 0:) I had dates and boyfriends and what’s more I didn’t have to change myself to try and be “sexy” I was ok as I was from what I could see from what guys thought. I will admit there was some guys that thought I was childish and not “woman” enough for them but I am what I am and if they don’t like it then they can go. Yeah I had to wait awhile for someone to come along but it was worth the wait as there is nothing better then the cuteness you get from two cute people coming together.

Any girls out there wearing revealing clothes they aren’t quite comfortable in, wearing heels they can just about walk in, over doing the make up, trying to perfect their walk and over doing the flirting well just relax. Cute is cute and I’m sure any guy would find you adorable just the way you are with out you having to go the extra mile to get sexy quick. Getting sexy too quick and forcing what you aren’t will make you look anything but sexy (I’m sorry) Besides if I was a guy I would pick the cute girl over the sexy one any day :0P

Being sexy is over rated and it has it’s place….. in bedroom ;0)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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