Men’s’ logic

Hey Hey! 😀

Recent events and past events have just made me think that sometimes I just really don’t understand the way guys think. In particular my Special Someone. In spite of all the strange things that guys say and do we still Love them even though we just want to strangle them sometimes.

One thing that really annoys me is the constant “I’ll speak to you or I’ll call you later” at the end of the phone call, when that is not what they are actually going to do. It’s just something they say and crazy people we are, we actually think they mean it and wait for them to call, then wonder why they haven’t and get disappointed. I just don’t expect anything when it’s said as even though I have brought it up sometimes he forgets and still says it.

When you ask to meet up and they say they aren’t feeling up to it and aren’t going anywhere today and when you call later they say they are out and had to help their friend with some wok. Makes you wonder that instead of having a nice time with your sweet other half you want to go do some chore stuff with your friends….. ok that makes sense when you aren’t feeling like going out :p

When they are getting involved with mechanics or DIY stuff and even though they know gloves are needed and their other half has even gifted gloves they still do the work with out it and get injured, scratched up and end up with metal splinters in their fingers and wonder why it happens. oh dear!

Doctors orders! Being sick, injured or anything else and been told no alcohol, driving and all these other important rules they still feel the need to rebel. Just for their “one time” enjoyment it may add an extra few days or a week to their already predicted recovery time.

There are many other things but lets keep this post short ;0)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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