Phones on Dates

Hey Hey! 😀

Is it really important?


This is a pet peeve when I am with friends. I don’t mind people picking up their calls, letting people at home know when they are coming or telling the caller that they can’t talk but not when they are having a long conversation and leave you alone for over half hour and are constantly checking their phone for random things. I mean we are sitting right in front off them it’s kind of rude!! …..

Anyway… 😀 Going on dates is meant to be an intimate activity where you are close to someone and give and receive undivided attention to one another. Phones are not needed during this situation unless in emergency or something that is demanding your attention. Not social networks and friend’s idle chit chat. If you are interested in someone and have feelings for them, then respecting their time and valuing their company is a must, just as you would expect it from them too.

I have had experiences of dates where phone calls have come up and every one of my dates would apologise, explain who it was and quickly take the call either at the table and inform them that they are out and can’t really talk(if its a very quick call) or leave the table to go out. They always felt bad about it and there really was no need to, but it just gave me a good impression of them and how they care what I think and don’t want it to seem like they are being rude in any way. So nice! :0)

Enjoy the reality that’s right in front of you, not the screen on your phone. I can tell you which one will be more exciting :D:D

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