Shy Regrets!

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I have talked about being shy in another blog post but that was more to do with making the best of shyness in friendships and dating. To see that post please click the link below:

In this post I will be talking about regrets. This is the disadvantage of being shy, sometimes you miss out :0(

Shyness isn’t something everyone can get over easy so it’s not something you can do much about as I have mentioned I was a lot more shy before then I am now but I am still shy and I have had regrets. The regrets I have had have mostly been when I was dating and in a relationship.

The regrets I had are mostly missed chances andĀ opportunities, whether I should have said something or done something I felt the same for both. I wish I had been more confidentĀ in myself that I could say exactly how I feel, what I think and what I want from someone without being embarrassed. If I had done so things would have been different. There wouldn’t have been awkward silences, misunderstandings or just general weirdness. If I could imagine less and do more of what I want it may turnĀ out better then the fantasy I dream up sometimes.

There was a time a couple of New Years back when I had joked to myĀ Special Someone that he had to cook dinner (he doesn’t cook anything more then breakfast ;0)) and he thought itĀ was a terrible idea and I had convinced him unknowingly to cook us a New Years Dinner. IĀ got all dressed up thinking we was going out but he wanted to head off home real quick talking about some pot. I wasn’t entirely sureĀ of what he was talking about but when we got in there were a couple of thingsĀ on the go and he rushed back in the kitchen. He wasĀ getting all busy with his hot oven and bubbling pots and I was just amazed at all the effort he had put in even though I was joking. I had wanted to give him a big kiss and hug right then and to let him know just how special he was, but I was afraid I would distract him and ruin all his effort. I could have said something to make that moment even better and to fully show my appreciation but I didn’t.

There was a time when we were out having Anniversary dinner and normally I’m all for lovey dovey moments but just because of where we were sitting and how echoe-y it was when my Special Someone had told me he had missed me, Loved me and thought I was a pretty one instead of saying something nice I decided to make a joke. yes I know I am one of those. I was embarrassed and extremely shy and to make things better I made a very non funny joke just to make things less awkward. I really wish I hadn’t. It’s a rare moment we have and I kinda ruined it and I had wanted to say all these things that I wanted but I couldn’t. I could have had a really nice romantic memory on my anniversary if I only had ben less embarrassed.

Shy regrets, try and have as less of those as you can :D:D

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