Fake Prince Charming

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I was thinking of talking about something slightly different which is not entirely connected to relationships. Around ten years ago during my online phase which I have mentioned in my “online dating posts” I remember meeting lots of people. Mostly guys who I thought wanted to be friends. Due to what happened with them it really puts me off when guys call me babe or anything else like it especially when we have just met, girls however it’s different. The guys online were a bit strange and basically to put in a cliché “only want(ed) one thing” and before any of you guys reading this say anything, no it’s not all guys. I have met some nice guys online some I dated, became friends with and still keep in contact with today.

The guys I’m talking about used to be extremely over the top friendly and would call me “Babe” “Baby” “Sexy” or “Hun” after just meeting or talking to me, until I realised that they were no good. They start off all nice and sweet, asking how you are, what you’ve been up to and taking an interest in you…. then they change. They never really cared how you are and they never wanted to know more then they feel they needed to know and they would start asking for things and when you were hesitant or refused they would emotionally black mail you and make you feel bad. The only thing is that the way they used to do it was in such a way that you would want to keep them happy as they would still be cute and charming. The charm would change even more and they would start to get evil. As a young, naïve and innocent girl they will know exactly how to get round you.

Now ten years later I am very against guys calling Babe, Baby and Sexy however I am slightly ok with Love and Darling as I have noticed some British guys just talk that way. For me I am very wary of guys like that I will always assume they are dodgy after what I went through.You want a guy to call you Beautiful and Gorgeous not Babe and Sexy. Be appreciated inside and out 😀

Just a little message for you out there please be wary of guys like this whether they are online or in real life. Never let them make you feel that you need to do certain things for them and never make them make you feel you aren’t good. Have some self respect for yourself. Tell them to get lost ;0)

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