The Power of Holding Hands

Hand holding

Yep that’s our hands 😀

Hey Hey! 😀

This post is slightly different. I want to talk about hand holding 😀 For some people hand holding doesn’t count for much but when you think about it, it is one of the first innocent steps you take when you are dating. The subtle but sweet sign to let the other person know you like them.

Apparently there are different types of hand holding: interlocking fingers, cupping hands, linking fingers etc. some may reveal a more intimate relationship then others but in my view hand holding is closeness and the ones involved know how much.

On your first date with someone, a kiss maybe too much and you maybe embarrassed, so just holding their hand while you are walking around, will just let the other person know that you like them and want to continue seeing them.

There are times when your other half is going through some tough types and may not want you to be fussing over them, so just by holding their hand you will be giving them the support they need. In a subtle way it will show them you care and that you are there for them- no words needed! 

When you are going out you will want to be close or you may just to show off your other half and that you are together- hand holding does that ;0P

Be proud of your Love! 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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