Love Letter

Hey Hey! 😀

Love letters!

They are old fashioned and even today they exist just not always posted in an envelope. My one was 😀 I thought I would do it the traditional way. My Special Someone and I had been a relationship for awhile before I decided I would send some nicenice-ness. We had had instant messages, emails, texts and phone calls so I thought something on paper would be something he could physically hold and keep with him. I got some lined paper and bordered the paper with some washi tape that had different coloured flowers on it (I ran out of my heart ones :0( ). I started off my letter on a separate paper and began. Once my draft was completed with lots of crossing outs and rewriting I managed to finish. Now for the hard part… transferring my final letter on to the nice pretty paper I made with out messy writing, spelling mistakes and crossing outs.

I managed it! YAY! I was not going to resort to technology and typing up. It’s more personal to have my handwriting on it. I wanted my Special Someone to see my effort and my feelings and appreciate the worth of my letter. I made myself a nice pretty envelope and got my letter posted 1st class. I got a text message the next day saying that he received my letter (!) He told me that it was “lovely” it made him “well up in places” and also made him “laugh out loud” He gave me kisses and BiG HuGGys or what passes for them on a text message.


He totally Loved it! I am so glad I sent that letter all those months ago and it is something I know he keeps not too far away. Whether he reads it again I don’t know but the fact that he has kept it nicely in its envelope and that he appreciated it and got emotional over it means more then anything he could give me in return. I gave that letter with no expectations of something in return, my intention was to show that he is Loved, just how much he is Loved and feel god in the nice thing I had done.


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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