Surprise Saturday ;0)

Hey Hey! 😀

I thought I should talk about more happy stuff 😀


Lets take a step in to my past. The beginning of my relationship I Loved surprises and even more I Loved giving them not that much has changed I just don’t get to do it as often now. At the beginning of a relationship you want to spend every second with each other and when you were apart all you wanted was to be together even if it weren’t that long ago when you last saw each other. Normally we would meet in the week and I would spend the weekends at home or meeting with friends but I found a way to get everything in one day. I would get up early make myself all nice nice and get on a bus to my Special Someone’s place aiming for around 12pm.Even though I would go there randomly most Saturdays without telling him he would be surprised and excited to see me 😀 (Yay!) I would then tell him that I was only there for a quick catch up (hour or two tops) meaning we would have to make every second count…..

Give a nice Surprise to your other half. A Surprise that is better then any material thing…. YOU! ❤

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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