Special Delivery!

Hey Hey! 😀


I have mentioned about gifts before I think. This time I am talking about sending something special, to your Special Someone to show them or tell them what you are feeling. The most appreciative of gifts are the ones that are unexpected, random and hold some kind of meaning and over the course of our relationship nothing has gone unappreciated. There have been times when I feel that I should “send a bit off Love” and by that I actually mean send. I have gone down to the post office and sent off things 1st class or used a gift website or Ebay and sent straight to his house with his nick name on the front of the package(just so he knows it’s an important thing from me ;0)). I just feel that it gives just a little bit extra then just coming over randomly or bringing it when we have our dates days not that it doesn’t give a good effect.

I started up random hobbies over the last couples of years and when I got into making things I decided that I would spend time making and giving him things. I learnt how to crochet and made him a little bunny(it took forever and became my main one and only project as I just wanted to get it finished) I sewed up little plushies, one in particular that looked like our Furry Princess (this was so much quicker to make) and I made paper flowers using the art of origami. The bought gifts are still nice as I like to get personalised ones that have our names on it or a special message.

I think a random Special Delivery from a Special you will make your Special Someone’s Day Extra Special :0p (Overused the word special but it works)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x

P.S HAPPY Birthday To My Special Someone whose Birthday is this week :D:D:D


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