Phone Protection

Hey Hey! 😀

I was coming home from an outing and It was dark and normally I come back with someone but as it wasn’t my usual group of friends thing I used to do when I was younger, there was no one coming my way. When you are with people you just feel safer then when you are on your own, it’s the whole safety in numbers thing and it still counts even if it’s only two of you together.

The area I was in is ok up to a point, until it starts getting dark (wasn’t that dark it was around quarter past 9 and it’s still kinda light still) all the strange people come out. The kind of people that watch you walk by, try and talk to you or shout things at you basically making you feel uncomfortable and intimidated, why I really don’t know. I called my Special Someone at home. Even though he is not there with me, the fact that I can hear his voice and he knows where I am just makes me feel better about walking on my own. I think its because I feel that he can come look for me or tell someone that he knew where I was, it’s useful in some situations. There are times when I would call and have him be on the phone the whole journey but I didn’t want to disturb him so just asked him to keep me company until the bus top as I was not in the mood to walk the whole way (40mins)

I had said bye to my friend and was trying to make my way through the street to get to the main town bit and get my bus as the shopping mall was closed. A lot of people were just hanging around in front of the closed shops and waiting by the bus stops smoking and staring(very creepy). I remembered another way I could go but I kind of forgot how long that way was. I wasn’t too sure about it so called my Special Someone and told him that I had met with a friend and I was on the way home. He told me he was watching a film so I told him I just wanted company until the bus stop as I didn’t want to disturb him too much. I made my way through my “short cut” and it was getting kind of creepy as there was no one around and there was a lot of bridges ahead and it was a very winding road, the kind where you kind of wonder what’s around the corner. I was in the middle of explaining which friend I had gone out with when I heard a random voice in the background saying “Hi sexy” Eurgh!! Don’t know who this random person though he was but I just carried on talking to my Special Someone like I didn’t even hear him and carried on walking. Think that is the best option sometimes just ignore them. I finally made it to the bus stop and thank my Special Someone for his company. The bus wasn’t going to arrive until a particular time so called up my friend and spoke to her until the exciting part of the bus finally arriving happened and I got home in 10mins YAY!!

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