What ever I can/ Going the extra mile

Hey Hey! 😀

After recent events I feel I should talk about doing what you can for your Special Someone, even if it is something you are doubtful of or even afraid of. My experience was due to a hospital trip.

 When it comes to surgery it is important to have someone to pick you up and take you home and my Special Someone was going to have surgery and had asked me to accompany him. When we found out what day it was, it turned out I had to work and on top of that the journey did not look like one I could manage with my slight lack of experience with driving. I told him to ask around and that if he really couldn’t find anyone I would take a day off and go with him. As it turns out I had to take him. The journey to the hospital with my Special Someone telling me which way to go and keeping me company was all good but then turned out that he was going to stay a lot longer then we thought and I had to leave to get the car back and again the journey back home was ok. Then came the phone call telling me he was ready to be picked up.  

Here is where the problem started…. There was traffic, the sat nav went crazy, it was hot and sweaty and finally I got lost (thank goodness I fill the petrol up the day before) All I wanted to do was show my Special Someone that I could do it. I could get over my fear of roundabouts and my uncertainty of new roads (it was just over 20mins drive and had humongous roundabouts and fast roads) and pick him up on my own from the hospital and get him safely home. My freak out and disappointment in myself that I had got myself lost and that the only person I could think to call was my Special Someone to get me out of the mess I was in. Luckily he knew the journey very well and with him on speaker phone he talked me through the journey… and I done it!! I got to the hospital. Even though it took my whole day revolving around this appointment I was glad I was there for my Special Someone. He really appreciated my help, support and the Furry Princess jumping in the door bit. I was tired but happy and even though I may not do a journey like that again at least I know I am capable of doing it with the right guidance or directions and my Special Someone’s trust in me. 

There are a lot of things that we struggle with but are able to overcome with the support of our Special People so use that to your advantage and don’t say no. If they need a lift, want help decorating, want your company somewhere or even need help baby sitting just have a go and see what happens. You may be glad you went and done it 😀


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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