Dinner Conversation

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When you go out on a date for a meal with your other half, it is important to think about what kind of conversations are ok and what aren’t. It has been said before that politics and religion should never be discussed as people tend to be quite sensitive about those topics and things can go a little wrong.

My Special Someone and I have no issue with those topics as we have been together so long that any topic is comfortable.. well kinda ;0) The kind of conversations we have now are what have you been up to and what the Furry Princess has been doing. As a pet parent the furry one will always come up, it does make you wonder what you would talk about if you didn’t talk about them. People have said especially for parents that date nights are nights that you shouldn’t talk about your children on because you are a couple first, before you become parents and it’s more romantic to think of just the two of you. It is also important to not think of your children’s stress such as school, health, their problems etc. as it could change the mood, I am not entirely sure about this but then again I am not a mummy to a human baby so it could be different.

Serious conversations are the conversations where you want to discuss your problems or some bad news or anything that comes under “not good” and those ones I would definitely not recommend. Dinner conversations are meant to be light and airy and make you feel good about coming out and having some quality time together while having a meal. It is not a place for things that make you never want to have a dinner out together again. So maybe the human baby stress thing could be true…hmm.

Double date dinner conversations are a bit strange from what  I remember. The guy asked us to go swimming in a pond and wouldn’t stop talking about the conservative party :S So not good! Double dates again light and airy like a mini dinner party. Jokes laughter and nooo serious conversations and no bickering with your other halves. Also if you don’t like your friends other half always be civil. Ask about their job and hobbies and what kind of films and music they like and you should be ok.

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