Just because…Shoes!

Hey Hey! 😀

Have you ever been out browsing or shopping online and seen something that would suit your other half perfectly?It’s not an extravagant gift and nor is it something for any upcoming occasions but you just want to buy it!

I have done so on many occasion. I just order and send even though I could wait a few months and save it for a birthday or Christmas or something I would rather that he had it now. I have done so with flowers, magnets, trousers, knee pads and many other things. All very useful or pretty in their own way and it made me really happy to be giving something. I realised that “Just because” can be an occasion on it’s own and that it can be a surprise and a form of affection for your other half all in one 😀

My Special Someone has done something very similar. I was randomly trying to find a pair of shoes online and asked for some advice by email on whether it was a good deal or not and for some reason one evening he had sat down and had his own little online shopping thing. When I had spoken to him a few days after he had told me he had bought me  not one, not two but THREE pairs of shoes! He doesn’t even know why he did that but he did. Got a bit carried away! ;o) hehe I am looking forward to seeing what shoes he has picked out for me and I guess I will do him a little cat walk to see how the shoes fit.

Being giving to your Loved one is a very sweet thing to do especially when the only thing you get in return is a  nice warm feeling inside and a feeling of happiness for seeing your Special Someone’s face when they receive it.

Random, unexpected and completely mad but there you go. Why don’t you….. just because :0P

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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