Lovers Tiff!: First Fight!

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The picture looked bit funny if you imagine that the boxer is the boyfriend and the pair of legs (the ring girl) as the girlfriend hehe

I don’t think we have talked about this “first”, so here we go! I will be honest and say I am sure I have blocked out the first fight my Special Someone and I had so I can’t really pinpoint what was disagreements, arguments and fights (yes I am using all three words that may very well mean one thing ;0) hehe)

First fights, well what can I say they are the one thing that you absolutely dread having with the person you Love, but eventually it will happen. It’s important to have some kind of release when things aren’t always ok and it is also important to remember that just because you have a fight it doesn’t mean your relationship is coming to an end or that you are always going to have problems after this. There are people out there that argue all the time but Love each other dearly and their relationship is just made that way, there are people who have never ever had a fight but occasionally don’t agree with their other half, which doesn’t make their relationshipĀ  as perfect as they like and there are even people who once in a while have a fight but manage to make things ok again or sit and sort through what is going on and get over it. All these couples I mentioned above are all right in their own way, none are above the other as there’s no such thing as a “perfect” relationship (except the one you call your own :0p).

When it comes to having problems don’t avoid it or run off as that only makes things worse. Problems may go away for a bit but they will come back again at some point so it’s best to deal while its fresh and if you end up fighting you are just gonna have to be brave and get through it. I know fights are scary, but sometimes learning the best way to get through it and over come the problemsĀ is what could only improve things. It could even result in little to none fights as you may solve things before it even gets to that stage.

I have always said that seeing your other half’s many faces is important. You need to know how they behave and react to different situations so you know the best way to handle things in the present and future. Fights may not be pretty but they seem to be an important lesson in relationships so if it comes along just get it over with, you might find you know exactly what to do.

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