Feeling Without Friends

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There are times in your life when your friends are people you really need the support of. You start to feel lonely and you feel that there is no one you can turn to when you need to talk. I have been there. There have been times where I have really needed someone and I have called both mobile and house and been “ignored”for weeks. I have always tried to be understanding of other people no matter what it was. I know people have other priorities and are busy but when a phone is in constant use and is carried practically every where, how can you not have any kind of reply for weeks on end. I am trying to be understanding still but for some reason it only means my suffering :0(

I have been getting on with my own things and getting through my own problems on my own and for the most part it has been ok but deep down something isn’t right. I have noticed my behaviour, actions and my thoughts are completely messed up and I find my self crying for hours or not at all or forcing happiness only to feel down later. I have actually driven to work in tears and driven home singing and laughing and then just feeling neutral border lining on sad for the rest of the day(my work day ends in the morning in case you wondering)

I have spoken about depression before and it’s a sensitive topic and sometimes it gets so bad that you can’t even deal with it on your own and you can’t talk to anyone else about it and have to resort to therapy and speak to counsellor about your problems and work out why you are feeling the way you are.

As I have said in previously blog posts communication is important and being alone is ok up to a point but as social creatures its important to have someone to be there for you and that’s where your friends normally come in. The people you share your problems with, who know you inside and out and who will make time for you no matter what or so they say, but when it comes down to it you have to rely on yourself and I can do that up to a point until things just get too much and I break down.

You are the one you can rely on and sometimes there are times when you are all you’ve got….. 

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