Just Broke Our Phone Call Record

Hey Hey! 😀4426363826_ff1434d9f1_o

I was reminded of something from what happened recently and that was length of time you talk on the phone. My Special Someone and I had a phone call for 3hours a couple years back and that was quite a lot for us both considering we normally have an hour phone call once a day. This time round we broke that record and were on the phone for 3hours and 50minutes!! :D:D

I have to say it wasn’t a bunch of random dribble or sweet nothings it was one of our best conversations we have had. We spoke about everything possible. We connected in a whole different way and I am so looking forward to more talks like this.

Communication is important, which is something I say often but it’s important in another way then the reason I normally mention. This reason is making a connection, finding some common ground, not realising how fast the time is going and getting so caught up in the conversation that you don’t realise how many topics you have spoken about and how long you have been talking for.

When you find someone that you can have that with you know it’s with someone special. A person that you could never run out of things to say to and who could never get enough of listening and talking to you. Never let that person go. That’s my advice for you. Hold on to them 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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