Love Sick Romance!

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I have another thing! I’m sure you have read a similar post to this one in the name of Loving care (if you haven’t, have a look ;0)) but this one is different. This post is about having you or your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner being ill, having an infection etc. and you still being as close an affection as you were when healthy. Growing up I always tried to maintain a safe distance from other to prevent them from catching my cold or anything else I had which included no more sharing my water bottle, holding hands, allowing my stationary to be borrowed and anything else where my germs could spread.

Once I got into a relationship things somehow changed. I was still very awkward about being too close, kissing, sharing water bottles (I always carried one, I get dehydrated …it’s not weird) and any other boyfriend/girlfriend related thing where my germs could pass and my Special Someone got my cold. However it didn’t make a difference to my Special Someone, he still kissed me (on the lips) held my hand, hugged me and made Love to me. He even nicked a sip from my water from both my bottle and my glass at the restaurant. I thought it was a bad thing and told him he would get ill from being close to me but he didn’t care. We joked about after talking about slimey germy kisses and coughy sneezy cuddles. Colds were never the same with my Special Someone, you might say it was one of the most romantic illnesses I ever had <3(I know it’s cheesy but I’m going with it :D:D)

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