Furry Princess ;0)- For the Love of Female Dogs

Hey Hey! 😀


Not really any connection to the post but look how cute this dog is :D:D eeeee!

I found this draft which I made 2years ago and I never put it up on my blog so figured I may as well now ;op

Well my Furry Princess is my sweet one and she’s had a major operation and I’ve had a tough time making sure me and my Special Someone are doing ok. We were waiting the entire day to bring her back home and we were very worried about the risks.                   

She is home and doing fine but she needs to be looked after and we do need to be careful with her so that during the recovery stage she heals up nice and proper.

Just a little message out there for ya. Getting your pets neutered is a very important step to take in pet ownership and it’s the best thing for your pet according to many vets and pet websites.

My Furry Princess is a female dog (as if you didn’t know ;0p) and it is called spaying to get her neutered. There are many reasons of why this operation is important for your female dog.

  • The most obvious one is that it prevents Pregnancy 
  • Reduces the risk of Breast Cancer
  • After having a season they may have a false pregnancy which could cause medical and behavioural problems
  • Females in heat have their season last up to three weeks
  • You will have a big job of dealing with a pregnant dog, the labour as well as the several mouths to feed once the pups start weaning (moving on from mothers milk)
  • Reduces risk of Pyometra (infection of the uterus)
  • Reduces risk of Ovarian, Cervical and Uterine Tumours

Spaying your female dog is normally more expensive then Castrating your male dog as it is a little bit more complicating but its important that you get it done.
Some Dog charities offer free neutering vouchers if you can’t afford to get the operation done so try and look up them up online. We used Dog’s Trust.

Share Your Thoughts!!

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P.S As this post was 2years ago you will know that our Furry Princess recovered well and as had no side effects, infections or bad reactions. Her stitchings have healed up nicely and the scar is just about visible. She is a happy and healthy girl and my Special Someone and I are glad we got it over and done with when we did.


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