Friends First

8929616448_6c6e38d7ea_oHey Hey! ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t know if I have talked about this before but I figured we should at some point ๐Ÿ˜€

I always thought the idea of being friends first was a great idea even though I never had a guy friend ;0S Well i have now but it’s no big improvement I have like one ;0)

During my online making friends days which I am sure I have mentioned in previous posts I had my Ex Boyfriend, again he is probably in old blog posts too who became my friend for 5months before we got in a relationship. That was my first and only friend first experience and I honestly thought it was a good thing at the time. After….not so much. My experience wasn’t good and I will tell you why, well the main reason is that I based our relationship and dating/love life on our friendship. Thinking that aside from being more affectionate, spending more time together and having different kind of Love feelings for each other our relationship would be basically us as friends but more… right? Wrong! Our friendship was very light hearted, we laughed and joked about things and never had serious conversations and when it came down to it I didn’t really “know him” know him. When it comes to a relationship you are more in to detail and anย on a need to know basis just doesn’t cut it. I had only accepted to “upgrade” our relationship because I thought we were good friends and could become an even better couple. How very wrong I was :0(

Even though my experience of “Friends First”ย  didn’t exactly work out I still believe it is still a good way to get in to the dating thing. I have talked about dating in previous posts and I have mentioned how intimidating and awkward it can be sometimes, so choosing to just meet up as friends without really labelling anything or even revealing you like the other person, you can find out a bit more about them before you go ahead and drop the “D” word ;0) (long sentence I know phew!)

Share Your Thoughts! ๐Ÿ˜€

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2 thoughts on “Friends First

  1. I agree that being “friends” first is important in the dating process. But in my opinion it should be clear that once you pass friendship & get into a relationship the dynamic of your relationship will change.


    • Due to the person I was with and the relationship we had I feel a mistake was made in changing from friendship to more. Even though my ex was certain of what he wanted I felt he had doubts and became a closed book after a week or two. Our relationship was shortlived. Friendship was what we were good at.

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