Sharing the Love!

Hey Hey! 😀

I was having a conversation with my cousin and some things came up which inspired me to write this post 😀 Some will save you a bit of money and make you more efficient as a couple.

I think a list would be nice.

Sharing the bath– why have two separate showers when you can have one bubble bath together ;0)

Ordering one dessert– Apparently eating something sweet from the same dish increases the Love

Not flushing the toilet unless you doing a number two– if you are anything like me and have a “small” bladder you will pee loads and the amount of water that goes down every time you flush is a waste. With your other half if one of you uses the toilet and the other one needs it next – don’t flush ;0) 

Groom each other– I know it sounds weird but if one of you can help the other tweeze, wax, cut hair or anything else for the other then why not. Plus apparently it’s a very intimate thing to do for each other and brings you closer.

Mini buffet– Me and my Special Someone can’t really do this but if you can, go for it 😀 Order two meals and share both with each other, this way you can get filled up and not have to buy dessert.

Teary tissue- having an emotional moment together, share a tissue. With all the bodily fluids you exchange (I know it sound gross but it isn’t) why not tears. Crying together you go through a lot of tissues- don’t waste!. However I would draw the line at blowing your nose I won’t consider it wasting;0)

Water bottle – I am protective of my water bottle as my other half is one of those “I’ll just have a sip but its really half the bottle” types but if he is thirsty I will let him have a drink. It saves on carrying lots of stuff if we drink from the same bottle. We have shared drinks at restaurants too. It’s a nice thing 😀

There are a lot of other things but we only have so much post to write on ;0)

Take care and don’t forget to Share the Love D::D


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x 


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