Yes or No 2.5: Back to Love Thai film threequel

Hey Hey! 😀

Characters (from left): Pii, Fah, Pimalad and Wine

I finally found another film 😀

It did not have my favourite girl in it, however I recommend you all watch it especially if you enjoyed  the first two. This one however has all new characters even though they have used Suppanad “Tina” Jittaleela again who played the character Kim in the first two films, this time she has a new haircut and is playing a character called Wine. This story has 4 main characters who are all connected in some way. Wine Loves Pimlada, Pimlada who was her crush who now has a boyfriend who has a friend and roommate called Fah who likes Pii who is Wines room mate and bestfriend :D:D Confused?

In this film it is hard to not think of Sucharat “Aom” Manaying who played Pie in the film with Kim but when you get passed that and focus on what is going on its ok 😀

In this film there is lots going on with the characters personally and you do start to realise how complicating Love and relationships can be, the struggle, the loss, disappointment and even jealousy that exists. You feel for the characters and hope they all get their happy ending.

To watch the film please click the link:

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