Yes or No2: Rak Mai Rak Ya Kak Loei Thai film sequel

Hey Hey! πŸ˜€Yes or no 2

This is the sequel to the film Yes or No. It is called Yes or No 2: Rak Mai Rak Ya Kak Loei which means Come back to me.

This shows the couple after celebrating their first year anniversary starting to prepare for their internships. Both Pie and Kim’s relationship have to deal with being long distance and to add to things they introduce a new character, Yam.

I did enjoy this film but not as much as the first as it shows Pie to be a bit evil in this film and you do feel sorry for Kim, as she does try her best to keep Pie happy with little want of anything in return. Yam may seem like the evil third wheel but she will actually gain your sympathy in this film which is kind of surprising as you would expect her to want to steal Kim and be horrible to Pie. I still think this did pretty well as a sequel to the first film and definitely worth a watch πŸ˜€

This film shows that any relationship no matter how perfect they seem will have problems and that you have to find a way to get through it even though your emotions sometimes gets the best of you whether its not getting what you want or gaining the support from a “friend”.

I am looking forward to more films! πŸ˜€

Pie and Kim forever!! πŸ˜€

If you would like to watch please see the link below for the film with English subtitles :

Share Your Thoughts! πŸ˜€

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