Loving Care

Hey Hey! 😀

When your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner isn’t feeling well or has any kind of health issues it is important to be as supportive and as caring as you can be. They might be feeling really lousy and may want to be left alone so as not to be a burden on anyone or they may want to be looked after. Whatever the case is do what you can for them. Make them feel Loved and wanted and make them feel that you are the “bestest!” Girlfriend/ Boyfriend/Partner EVER and that they are lucky to have you! ;0)

My Special Someone and I have been through a few things together from common colds to serious problems and we have always stuck together and tried to be as helpful as we can towards each other. I brought chicken curry over when My Special Someone had “Man flu”, we cuddled up together when there was back ache or period cramps and tried to be supportive as much as possible 😀

No matter what happens show your Love a bit of Loving Care ;0) 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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