The Ex(es) Vs The Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Hey Hey! ūüėÄ

I’m not sure if we have talked about ex girlfriends and boyfriend but today is the day to do it I think ;0)

Have you ever got with your girlfriends (guy friends) and talked about all the people you have dated, who did what, who you liked more and all the embarrassing stories that came with the relationships. Well comparisons are all well and good with your friends but maybe you should think twice before mentioning anything to your current Lover.

I have always kept conversation with my Special Someone very general when it came to past relationships. I have basically asked the following: Who they were?, How long¬†they were together?, Where¬†they went? etc. I never asked about anything to do with making Love or whether any part of our relationship was different to previous¬†ones.There are times when we have talked about things in detail if one of us felt they could open up about things but never about making Love as that is a weird place to go (not just for us but it should be for anyone as it’s not your business). In my relationship¬†my Special Someone and I have never felt the need to have comparisons of previous relationships the other has had as we are happy together and there really is no need to.

Relationships on T.V and in books have always had situations or friends giving advice on never asking about whether the previous partner was better in bed or was a better girlfriend/boyfriend or did things differently as it would always bring up weird and awkward and very messy conversation/ arguments which will end up with everyone being upset and angry. 

My advice and thoughts to all reading is never asking the following questions:

Was he or she better then me?

Am I a good girlfriend/boyfriend then ……….?

What did you do with your other girlfriends/boyfriends?

Why don’t you do the things with me¬†that you did with your other girlfriends/boyfriends?

When it comes to your relationship, your relationship together is the only one that matters which is why all those other boyfriends and girlfriends are gone and are not currently with your partner. It is important to realise that making comparisons will never make things better and will only remind them of possible bad memories, best to not go there. If you ever feel like to asking anything in depth about their previous relationships, just ask yourself why you need to know. That’s your partners previous relationships which have nothing to do with you, if you think it will make you¬†feel like you are the best girlfriend or boyfriend. Trying¬†to find out what things they¬†did together so you can compete with them is silly. Have some respect for yourself, your partner’s past and their relationship with you. Don’t forget that if you are forever comparing yourself with others you will never¬†truly be¬†happy. Appreciate what you have and be happy ūüėĬ†¬†

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