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In a relationship you would expect to be able to be open and honest with the person you Love. You may have secrets here and there but by secrets I mean surprises or wanting to wait until the right time to eventually tell the person, but a lot of other things I wouldn’t really agree on. If you are in Love then what do you need to really keep from your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner and is it really worth it?

Having to lie to your partner makes you think about the sort of relationship you have and whether trust exists, depending on what you are having to lie about. I always thinks it’s best to be honest with your partner, lies sometimes are just not worth it. If your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner is always honest with you and never has to lie to you then you should be able to do the same, after all if you can’t even tell the truth to the one you Love, then you clearly have trouble being honest with anyone. Whatever happens in your life I am sure the one you Love will be understanding towards you and if they aren’t and you have to lie to have less problems in your relationship, well then it’s something you really need to think about it. Would you rather be able to breathe easy and not have to constantly stress or would you rather be stuck having to lie one after the other to cover one lie?

My Special Someone and I are a little different from each other but at the end of the day we do care for each other and have a Loving relationship so the things we have kept from each other is mostly because we don’t want to hurt the other. It does not make it acceptable, just so you know. I learnt the hard way. My Special Someone has kept things from me and lied about how he is feeling, which I should really be told about, as when I eventually found out through situations where we have got upset and angry and all is revealed, it is not well received. It made me feel that we are not close, that he can’t share things with me and that he feels it has nothing to do with me. I used to feel it was wrong but what it really was, was not wanting to burden me with what he felt was his problem alone (Communication is key- would never have found out if we hadn’t discussed this). 

In my head a relationship makes you one and the same, you share your happiness and your grief, your problems and your good news nothing is considered mine or yours, always ours.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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P.S Just one more thing, if someone isn’t ready to tell you something and you have already asked them, never force them as when they are ready they will tell you.


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