Happy Valentines!

Hey Hey! 😀 13048798303_c8f8837f73_o

That time  is here again. This year I am looking forward to having dessert with my Special Someone 😀 Last year we got a free dessert, this time I think we have to pay :0( but it’s still nice to share it together. I enjoy and appreciate any time I have with my Special Someone and I think it’s important to do it all year and not just on this one year. Do something you enjoy with the one you Love, show them how much they mean to you and how much you Love them. One thing I will say is don’t worry about going all out. Valentines day is something a lot of people will call “a Hallmark Holiday” so buying all the valentine related products in the store and going to the valentines specials at restaurants is just going to put you out of pocket. I think the best way to go is to do something you like to do together no matter how small. Examples 😀

  • Watch a romantic comedy at home
  • Cook a nice 3 course meal together 
  • Have a picnic at the park (if it’s cold eat in the car ;0))
  • Have a drink together and just talk
  • Cuddle time! ;0)

Happy Valentines DAY!! 😀

I hope you and your Loved ones have a lovely day!


X x x


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