Lovers Tiff!: Respect

Hey Hey! 😀

Sometimes when things get hard or you have problems you lose sight of the respect you have each other or you might even realise that maybe there is no respect for you at all.

What I will tell you is that sometimes this is a result of emotions, sensitivity and even anger. Relationships will always have problems whether they are big or small, but you should really try to be careful as there is no way to really control you emotions and feelings. Once something is said or done it can never be taken back, even apologies can’t make up for it and as a result your relationship can break. Respect is very important to everyone even more so to certain people and when someone feels like they have been disrespected they find it very difficult to engage with the person who did it. 

The person that you Love or are in a relationship with will always think the good of you and it is very hard for them to come to terms with you being otherwise. You should always think about what you expect from them and behave accordingly. You want respect, well it does have to be earned and will only be given if you respect them too. If Love exists between the two of you, then in no way would you be able to disrespect the one you Love ,but if you can’t control your emotions then there will be problems.

No one is better then the other, no ones situation is more important then the other, do not lose sight of the respect you have for your Love and your relationship. You may regret it otherwise.

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