Be Affectionate

 Hey Hey! 😀


First things first 😀 How CUTE is this picture 😀

These two are so adorable and made me want to use it in one of my posts :D:D

Affection comes in many forms, one of which is physical which I have done a couple of posts on, to see a recent one please click the link below 😀

Sometimes when you have been together for a little while you kind of forget about being affectionate towards each other. It’s usually because you are in a working routine, have new members of your family or even because you’ve been together so long that it just seems like something you wouldn’t do anymore.

My Special Someone and I have been through lots and there has been times when we don’t say “I Love You” or hold hands or even kiss (HuGs however are never forgotten :D) Not because we don’t want to or our relationship has changed, it just doesn’t happen like it used to but there has been phases where we are very close and very… not close (didn’t know what to put 0:o))

Being affectionate doesn’t just mean physical affection it can also be affection in other ways like offering to help them with something, showing concern if they aren’t well and even the way you talk to each other. So even if you aren’t affectionate in one way doesn’t mean you can’t be in another. Show the person you care about how you feel and remember to be affectionate to keep that little light burning ;0) 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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