Lovers Tiff!- When things get too much

 Hey Hey! 😀

Elephants facing each other with tusks and trunks touching in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Sometimes relationships get to a point where you just cant handle things anymore and wonder if you should be together at all. When things get difficult the best thing is to calm down. Try and get on to common ground and be a bit more understanding towards each other, as I’m sure you still Love and Like each other you just have to find the right way to deal with things. I will tell you one thing and that is certain things don’t work for everyone, so find what works best for you. People like a bit of alone time, a walk or exercise to clear their head whereas some prefer to still do something with their other half but something fun to get past things and come back to it later. What ever it is discuss it together so that you can make things easier for you both. When it come to coming back and discussing the problems try and be open and honest. Just tell them like it is.

My Special Someone and I have both realised that we both try to be too nice and beat around the bush a bit rather then telling the other what we want. It does more harm then good I’ll tell you! So whatever you wanna say, just say it. This person you have chosen as your partner and lover is someone you should be able to be perfectly honest and open with about anything and everything, but sometimes you just cant, but you should definitely change that 😀

Relationships aren’t made to be stressful but sometimes they make you feel stressed and that is something you can change by talking to your partner, about what that stress is and how you can overcome it together. You are a team and are both in this relationship, so if one of you is unhappy then it is a problem you both share and must solve together.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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