Relationships you want: Shrek and Princess Fiona

Hey Hey! 😀shrek-and-fiona-wedding

Shrek and Princess Fiona is another couple I feel have good relationship. In spite of their personality clash they really are more a like then they realise. I think you should look up to this couple and I am going to tell you why you should. Also they are green!!! 😀

Had to include green in my blog somewhere :D:D:D

What they do for each other

Princess Fiona thinks Shrek is happy being alone so leaves

Shrek completes his quest for Lord Farquaad and makes Princess Fiona go with him even though he likes her thinking she wouldn’t want someone like him

Princess Fiona makes breakfast for Shrek ;0)

Shrek changes into a human thinking that’s what Princess Fiona wants to be happy

Princess Fiona accepts Shrek the way he is

Shrek stops Lord Farquaad marrying Princess Fiona to tell her he Loves her 😀

Princess Fiona helps Shrek when an arrow gets stuck in his bum

Shrek thinks Fiona is beautiful as an ogre


What their relationship includes

Running in the fields with people chasing them with pitch forks ;0

Fart Jacuzzi ;0p

Unconditional Love

The importance of each others happiness

Overall this relationship shows

Anyone can fall in Love

No matter what you look like or what you are someone will accept you as you are

Being a princess doesn’t mean you have to be ladylike 24/7 ;0)

On;y good can come out of stopping a wedding to tell someone you Love them

Happily Ever After can happen for anyone

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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