Shopping For Christmas

Hey Hey! 😀 8293230726_fef7dcd6a0_o

I thought I would talk about shopping. An enjoyable activity for some but a torture chore for others. During Christmas time it can be the same but even more exaggerated. The twinkling lights and humongous decorations as well as the millions of shoppers in the stores and cars on the roads.

When me and my Special Someone went out to go shopping it was not a good experience. We went out and got stuck in traffic, ended up in a queue for the car park and had to register and pay for a car park that we didn’t even have enough time to walk up to the town. In the end we went home. Had a bit of lunch, a nap and tried again later. This time the car park wasn’t busy and we managed to walk around for an hour or so and even managed a couple of purchases 😀 Yay!

Shopping for clothes and anything but food is not something we really enjoy but as it is Christmas so we decided to make it a better experience by going together. Sometimes doing certain activities together does build stress and does cause problems and me and my Special Someone don’t normally have issues but sometimes things get too much. The main thing to remember is (tis the season to be jolly ;0))that when things get too much maybe take a break. Christmas is meant to bring good feelings, happy feelings and when shopping, traffic and people are just giving you a headache just try not to take it out on each other. Keeping calm, talking stuff out and being there for each other counts most.

Happy Shopping! 😀

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