The Stress of Relationships: Relationship Stresses

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Stress in general with your relationship is a bit of a strange one for some of us, but it is apparently normal for others. Relationships are wonderful things but they do have their bad sides. Some people find the responsibility of a relationship a bit too much, they feel pressured and stressed because of them which is why they get fed up and have difficulties.

In my relationship I have always Loved being a couple and having a relationship but my Special Someone was a little different, due to personal reasons sometimes things were too much. He was constantly worried about making mistakes, doing or saying the wrong thing to me and he panicked very easily. It might sound odd to some of you, but sometimes it happens. Imagine someone’s happiness being relied on you, every bit of their life matters on your actions and your words. Well that’s how he felt even though it is silly!  

Relationships are big things which is why I created this blog post a while ago. Please click link to read:

My solution is to compromise. (Sorry another link)

If you both discuss what you are finding too much and what would make you more comfortable in your relationship then I think it will ease the pressure. Always keep an eye on each others happiness and what you both want from your relationship.

No need to stress! ;0)

When it comes to relationships there is no right answer. Just relax and go with it. Enjoy the impulse fun and talk about the serious stuff when the time comes to it 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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P.S Try not to Stress too much


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