Public Displays of Affection: How much is too much?

Hey Hey!! 😀 


I thought we would talk about being affectionate … in public.

When you are in a relationship there will be times when you are in public and are being close and maybe things start happening. A lot of people tend to have a little trouble knowing how much is too much ;0)

When I first started going out with my Special Someone we did have a bit of PDAs but it was pretty much just kissing and I don’t think we done anything more then that, except for maybe a couple of times. Although I do have to say that we did practically nothing compared to some people :O

When you like someone and want to express yourself you may want to remember a few things just to keep yourself civilised and avoid going a little too far.

Out on the street

If you going to be out and about hand holding, a hug and a quick kiss on the lips are quite acceptable in my opinion

Hands on bums and tongues down throats isn’t really what people want to find when they walk down the street :s

In the car

If you in your car well I think a little bit of making out is ok ;0)

Touching and removing clothes could get you arrested… I think! :0

In the park

Holding hands, hugs and kisses are nice

Secretly making love with clothes on or skinny dipping in the pond is not a good idea for hygiene reasons for one and for others.

In the cinema

Holding hands only!!

If you doing anything else they chuck you out!

Hehe! 😉

Public displays of affection are at your own risk….

Be warned! :0P

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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