Relationships you want- Ina and Jeffery Garten

Hey Hey!! 😀

I have always enjoyed watching what comes on Food Network and one of my favourite shows is the Barefoot Contessa 😀 I have always admired Ina and her husband Jeffery’s relationship as he does make an appearance on her show sometimes.

What they do for each other

Jeffery seems to have a busy job but does make appearances on his wife’s show.

Ina always thinks about Jeffery and talks about him while she is cooking

Jeffery sometimes surprises Ina with flowers, a book or treats on his way home from work.

Ina does include Jeffery in her cooking whether he becomes her taster or he does a small job for her.


What their relationship includes50a968a4203199c54b232d3627f33c12



Romantic meals

47 years of marriage

                                                                      A relationship over 50 years                                                                                     

Overall this relationship shows:

It is possible to have a long term relationship

No matter how old you get Love never changes

Even if you both have busy lives it is still possible to have a happy relationship

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