Being Alone and Independent

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In a relationship we do get attached to our other half but do start to forget our own independence. When we first started out in our relationships we did a lot more for ourselves, then we do after being in a relationship for awhile and it isn’t a good thing.

I remember first being in a relationship and always wanting to pay my own way but my Special Someone always wanted to be the “Gentleman” and pay for all our meals out.

I remember getting the bus to my Special Someone’s place and allowing him to drop me home. Then he wanted to pick me up and drop me off home.

I remember dealing with all my situations using my friends for support and advice until I started telling my Special Someone everything.

There are many other things that used to happen that slowly made me lose some of my independence when I started a relationship with my Special Someone but some I did regain. For example when I managed to have work I did pay for our meals out and we came up with a routine of alternate treating to lunch. One week I would pay and one week my Special Someone would pay. There are certain things I like to do on my own and there are certain things I like to do with my Special Someone but one thing we both do is keep certain things separate and enjoy what we do share together.

I know some people in relationships who have mutual friends, work together or share a place to live and in my opinion sometimes it does make things difficult if you don’t try to do things on your own or have space without your other half. If you don’t have separate friends of your own to have your own time it will always be assumed that you will always go out together as a group and sometimes a bit of girl time (or boy time- if there are any guys reading my blog. P.S Welcome to my blog post!!!) can do you some good and it is an important thing to have too. Being at work together and then having “home” time or days off together it will be difficult to get away from work. Living together is a nice thing but if you are not married and are used to living alone or with your family it will be a big adjustment to have time that is just for you if your partner wants to spend lots of time together.

I would suggest going out on your own and being with your own friends when you get the chance and not relying on your other half to go with you everywhere. Eventually you will get sick of each other especially when they really won’t enjoy going or doing certain things that you like. If you are always together you will never know what its like to be on your own and you are never going to get a chance to miss your other half. When you are out on your own you have an opportunity to do things how you want and not have to make a decision together which is an opportunity to broaden your horizon and find out more about yourself.

Working together is a tough one but if you spend too much time together at work in the same department around the same hours and are also making the journey home together you will get fed up. If you can see if you can get a transfer or try another job within the same company, anything to have a bit of independence and not be helping each other out at work. Work is work and personal life is personal life and it’s better to not be a part of “office gossip”.

When you have been in a relationship for so long and since you were quite young, your other half becomes your security blanket for everything. You need to experience life your way but enjoy your partner your way too. Don’t mix things too much and rush in to being completely committed together before marriage. Enjoy every stage of your relationship as it comes but don’t be afraid to experience things and enjoy things for yourself.

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