Being stood up

Hey Hey!! 😀


Another sad blog post!

Getting asked out, getting ready to go out, getting a table and waiting for your date, getting told the restaurants closing with out your date arriving. Typical dating scene in movies but it can happen in real life too (some of you may have already experienced it or know of someone who has experienced it) and I think it might be something important to talk about.

Rejection in any one’s book is very difficult to deal with, especially when something as embarrassing and humiliating as getting stood up by someone is, it isn’t so bad and I will tell you why.

1.You didn’t even get to date this person so you are not attached in anyway

2.You will find someone you will actually get to have a date with

3.You managed to filter the dating pool by not even dating the one who thought it would be funny to stand you up

4.Someone who doesn’t value your time doesn’t deserve you

5.You will learn to appreciate someone more because of this experience(Thank you Mr. Who stood me up)

6.You also learnt that value of punctuality is important

7. This counts as kissing frogs to find your prince ;0)

8.The person who stood you up misses out on someone wonderful 😀 (Yep, i am talking about you;0) )

9. You now have someone you can let out your frustrations on or ignore completely and act like nothing happened

10. You can spend time with the person you really Love! (YOU!)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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