My Hero!

Hey Hey!!


This one is a bit random but thought I would talk about it:-D

How many of you have watched a Bollywood film or any kind of film with an action scene where the guy saves the girl (his Lover! ;0)) by almost killing all the bad guys?

How many of you can see the romantic side of it through the blood and flying bodies on the T.V.?

and How many of you have thought about the consequences of your Hero’s actions?

I have had a few situations where I have wanted someone to experience something painful because of what they have done to me but I have always known it is wrong. My Special Someone however thinks differently. He is quite happy to go “save the day” whenever someone tries to hurt me. It’s sweet in a very surreal way, but I don’t agree violence is ever the answer (even if you feel they deserve it). I would always worry about what the consequences are of beating someone up. Would he get arrested? Will someone gang up on him and try to hurt him? Best to not go there.

I have always made it very clear to my Special Someone that no matter what anyone does to me he shouldn’t lay a finger on anyone. If something needs to be done it should be firm words or just walking away. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person.

My advice to all your girls and guys out there, don’t be a hero!!! Unless you are using your words. Bad things happen to people who try to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. I do actually have an actual example of this too.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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