Coping with Depression- Your Loved One’s Depression

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This post is the second part to a previous post I wrote which was about you and your depression.

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If your Loved one is suffering from depression

My Experience

At the time of my Special Someone’s depression I had not experienced my own depression and I was a lot younger, in my early 20s and had not known anyone who had suffered from this condition. It was very hard for me to cope with the emotions, the behaviour and anything else he was going through and I tried my very best to be as understanding as possible. As it was one of my first serious relationships, I had a lot of  new things to deal with as it is, but I always made sure not to give up on him. We did have problems and it was hard to get through certain situations especially when a certain someone can be a little bit stubborn :0P

How I coped

We did make a small rule though that whenever things were bit bad we would try do something fun after. When it came to my Special Someone wanting space and time alone it was very hard to understand why as we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together because of other responsibilities and cutting out even more time just was too much. I did have to do one of two things, either let him have his way and trust it would improve things or try and make things happen by turning up at his place. Most of the time I have been right in my choices but I do wonder when I will get it wrong.

When my Special Someone was feeling down about a certain something I did try to make sure he knew that I was always there to talk and that I would try to help or at least listen to his problems and feelings. I also tried to suggest he get out of the house more rather then locking himself away, which tends to be his go to solution. My Special Someone at certain times has taken in the fact that he is not a burden on me and when he isn’t feeling good he does ring me while he takes the Furry Princess out for a walk or when he is feeling down late at night. I do my best to listen carefully to everything he says to me, even though he does tend to repeat things  everyday. I just listen to everything again and again as I know he is processing through stuff.

If I am aware of certain things he likes or enjoys I will make an effort to keep him happy in what way I can. I do make sure that I know I won’t see him the way he used to be for quite some time, which is really disappointing.  

My Advice to you 

What I would suggest to any of you dealing with a suffering partner is to just Love them. Love them when they are sad, angry and lonesome. Being there for them when they need you is the best thing you can do. Do little things they like but also get them motivated to do certain things which will benefit them, even when they don’t want to etc. going out for a walk If they do need therapy or any other medical help do be supportive in what way you can and never ask them what happened during their sessions. If they want you to know they will tell you. Another thing to keep in mind is to never tell them off or tell them they should snap out of it. If you behave in any accusing way they will shut you out.

Good Luck to all of you and I really hope you and your Special Someone get through this difficult period together.

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