Cookin’ Up Lovin’

Hey Hey!! 😀


I thought I would share something a little bit happier with you and that is about FOOD and COOKING :D:D YAY!

One thing I have noticed with my Special Someone is that he does not like cooking anything except his breakfast but he does like cooking with me 😀

I was always told that sharing food and eating from the same plate increased the Love. So cooking food must increase the Love further right?

The first thing we ever made together was an El Paso Fajita kit. We bought some fresh chicken, peppers and onions. We share the jobs, I end up chopping the chicken and he does the veg and we take turns stirring and putting things in the pan. It did well so it’s our go to meal, although we do add mushrooms, chilli and jalapeno now and on some occasions butter or cheese.

I do feel that “slaving over the stove” stuff as a couple makes it more worthwhile when we get to eat our meal together. I do encourage you to get with your Special Someone and make something together, whether you cook from scratch or not, cook up some Lovin’ in the kitchen. It really is the Heart of the Home ;0)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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