Public Displays of Social Networking

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I am sure we are all social networking online, whether it’s with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or are even using picture sharing service like Instagram and I am sure we are all noticing something else on these websites. The Couples….

One thing about having your friends online with their boyfriends/ girlfriends or even their life partners (the married ones) is that more than half of them will want to share a lot of their happy Love snaps with everyone. Whether you are single or in a relationship it will definitely effect you, but you really shouldn’t let it.

Are their lives really better?

Social network sites, especially recently have always given people the wrong message and make them feel that other people’s lives are better. Well they may look like it, but most of the time they aren’t. One thing I have noticed is that the couples that are continuously sharing photos of them going out to different places, doing lovey dovey poses and constantly updating their profiles are the ones that seem to have a different partner coming and going. During my entire relationship a classmate on one of my social network sites has had 3different relationships and every single one included happy photos of them grinning away in exotic locations and constantly writing on each others profiles. Whereas I was never very open with who I was with on social network sites and me and my Special Someone have managed over 5years together. Makes you think no?

Sharing or showing off?

Everyone is of course is allowed to post what they like with their Special Someone (within the rules of the site) but who are they really doing it for? Does posting half their relationship and updating the world with their Love make them feel good or even make their relationship stronger? Or is it really just showing the world that they have a beautiful partner and they are having an exciting Love life?(in other words just showing off-was trying to be nice :-D)

I really don’t think relationships get any better by displaying them online, that I can be very sure of, I do however feel that there is a fine line with keeping your friends and family updated and showing the world how good your life is. My opinion on this, is based on how often or how much couples feel they need to share online.

Over sharing?

Have you ever just been scrolling through your new feed or  through your friends profile and noticed how much couples talk to each other by commenting on the profile, it’s happy I Love You stuff and then they have fights and break up and their status is constantly changing from it’s complicated to in relationship to single. When you are used to sharing your relationship online and using it as a source of communication when you are not together, it will become a problem and everyone will know every detail of your relationship. A lot of people do keep their family as well as their friends on their social network sites so nothing will ever be private.


All you single girls and guys out there, well social networking is made for sharing our life with others, not to make you feel lonely and sad. It is not about relationships it’s about making friends and being able to communicate online. If its making you uncomfortable stay away from social networking sites until you can handle it better, as there are many other ways to communicate and it really is unnecessary stress for you to deal with. What you really need to do is enjoy your life and Love yourself, as the right person will come along at the right time. Just don’t drown yourself in negative thoughts it won’t make things any better. If your friends and family have happy Love lives then be happy for them and if you feel that it’s getting too much then tell them how you feel. Tell them you are feeling down and lonely. They will understand.

In a relationship

The couples on the opposite side of The Couples well what can I say except do you really want to compare your relationship with your Love to other people? Every Love story is unique and special, there will always be differences. They are in no way better or worse then you. Only difference you should take into consideration, is that The Couples are sharing and showing more of their relationship then you are, which in someways makes it less intimate and private. Enjoy your relationship for what it is, just because you aren’t posting kissing photos doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t romantic, beautiful and special 🙂

Share Your Thoughts!:D

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