Unwanted Attention

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Well this post is not about relationships. It is about the dating stage and the strange and possibly scary stage. The different types of unwanted attention situations. (the ones I remember)

First impressions

When it comes to meeting people it is not always clear whether they are “normal” or not, even though they may come across as “normal”¬† at first you may see a whole different side of them when you show you aren’t interested. That’s when things get a little¬†bit “weird”.

My Experience

The person I met, I actually just wanted to be friends with and at the beginning they were interesting and fun to talk to but when they wouldn’t leave me alone and I tried to avoid them. That’s when things got a awkward. When msn was a big thing and you were on there everyday well that guy was too. I done the old trick of blocking him and appearing offline but he was still messaging me like he knew I was there. It was really scary. He wanted to talk but¬†I didn’t and somehow I managed to get rid of him but it took a couple of days and he did insult me quite a bit, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was glad he knew no other contact except email.

I have another situation that’s similar but I actually met this person in person. He didn’t have a lot of friends and he wasn’t a typical boy. He did get¬†possessive of me as I always tried to be nice to him¬†and called him regularly. It got a bit much when he was always talking about his problems with me,¬†sharing things about his life and constantly praising me for being a good person. I was doing it out of sympathy and I¬†didn’t feel as close to him as he did to me. When it came to introducing him to some of my friends again he was very protective of me,¬†he didn’t understand we had inside jokes and silly things we did together and he thought they were being evil to me. It wasn’t right that he behaved¬†defensive in front of my close friends and I felt uncomfortable keeping our friendship.

Sweet talking stranger
You know the type, the have a¬†certain feature that stands out, a strong accent, their style of clothing, the way they look at you and where they stand next to you and they say something nice but it’s really random.

My Experience 

I remember being in town and seeing a random guy. At some point on my way home he stopped to talk to me. I assumed he wanted the time or directions as I was in a hurry to get the bus home. He just wanted to talk. I don’t really know what exactly he wanted at the time but he did try to compliment me. He asked for my number and I tried to give him a wrong one but it turns out I am no good at that as I managed to give him my actual number minus one digit. He called me lots and he was always talking about beautiful this and beautiful that, he almost sounded like a very strange modern day hippy. He didn’t want to go out and he didn’t want anything from me but I just found him uncomfortable to be around and he used to call me on different numbers after disappearing a couple of times. He then disappeared and I didn’t from him again- or will I?

They just don’t get it

No matter what you tell someone they refuse to believe you or they are in a complete bubble of their own where they only let in what they want to hear from you. Complete denial.

My Experience

I remember sitting in¬† the library reading a book while I waited for mum’s class to finish and¬† a guy walked in on the phone and in a rush. He eventually got off the phone and stood in front of the table I was sitting at facing elsewhere. He then asked me for the time and then continued standing. I was trying to read and it was really distracting that he was standing there. I assumed he was waiting for someone and asked him if he wanted to sit thinking the other tables were full. I thought it would be rude not to talk so we had a conversation. The sun was in his face so he moved from sitting opposite me to next to me. He tried to compliment me and wanted to be friends. He was looking at my watch and ring and said he liked them. Both the watch and the ring were gifts from my Special Someone and I said so. He then asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said I did, the same guy who gave me the gifts. He wanted my number to go out sometime. I assumed he meant as friends as like I previously said I was in a relationship. That wasn’t it. He still didn’t understand that when you have a boyfriend you don’t date other guys. I’m not dating I am in a¬†committed relationship.¬†It was time for me to go so I got up to leave and he decided to go too. I asked him if the person he was waiting for had come and he said he wasn’t waiting for anyone. Strange!

Mr. Looking for a wife

If you haven’t experienced this you will, especially if you are Indian.I have noticed that it is generally Asian men that approach girls with the intention of picking you up.

My Experience

Coming home from work there was an issue with the buses so I was going to get a different bus which would take me halfway then get my parents to pick me up from there. I wasn’t entirely sure where the bus would stop having never taken that bus before, so when it stopped and a lot of people were getting off, I assumed it was just a popular stop, as it was close to the train station. I saw a man (middle aged with a very strange accent definitely on a wife hunt)¬†nearby so asked him if this was the last stop for this bus and he said yes. It was a little darker then normal as it was winter time so I couldn’t really tell where I was. The man was walking nearby and I worked out where I was, so I dug out my phone to call my parents to let them know I arrived in town. The man was still walking nearby and started asking me questions. If I was single, where I was going, was anyone meeting me and I tried to be nice but avoid him at the same time but it wasn’t working. Also my¬†parents weren’t answering my phone calls¬†so I was starting to get worried :0( I managed to find a corner shop to escape and he didn’t follow me. I managed to get through to my dad and I tried to leave the shop. I quickly started walking and I passed that man again but I don’t think he recognised me but I quickly crossed the road and left.

I know what you may be thinking and I agree, sometimes I just invite trouble and attract the weirdoes. Please share your experiences below, I am sure there are many different situations.

Share Your Thoughts! ūüėÄ

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