Peeing while on the phone?!

Hey Hey!! 😀

This post is a bit of a strange one, mostly because of the title but it’s ok 😀

I decided that we are in a place where we can be a bit more comfortable with one another and the title of this post is an example of that aswell as an example of how comfortable my Special Someone is 😀

The other day I was on the phone to my Special Someone and half way through he decided to use the bathroom, need I say more!;-) Although it was funny, odd and maybe a little gross, it did make me think about stuff. How close can you be with someone, that you are comfortable to do anything with them, in front of them or for them.

With me and my Special Someone I’d say we are pretty comfortable with lots of things although I still have a hint of shyness which would lead to embarrassment but generally we pretty good. We have used the same towel, drank from the same bottle, shared a tooth brush, changed in front of each other, borrowed clothes, have groomed each other( I have got the old tweezers out once or twice and even done a manicure-minus the polish), helped each other dress, picked flaky skin(I know it sounds gross) pulled out splinters, talked about periods, bought bedding, gone grocery shopping, cooked a meal together, fed each other with hands (no cutlery), cleaned (I sometimes do a quick vacuum at his place), kissed with morning breath (plus beer breath, his not mine), have had morning cuddles (woken up together all smelly and sweaty but still want to have a cuddle) peed (in the toilet- not in the bath in case you wondering)while the other was in the shower(we could never poop in the same room that’s a bit too weird), performed (I once did a little dance routine for his birthday)farted in front of each other (it is a regular thing with him- he just has a thing for eating boiled cabbage ;0)) Etc.. I’m sure there is more but that’ll do for now 😀

Being able to let go, be your self and being comfortable enough to share things with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner is a very good thing. Never feel like you should hide things, I know we wanna all appear modest and mysterious but once you have been together awhile it is kind of hard to keep up appearances. Better to just be happy and comfortable 😀

Let me know in the comments what sort of things you are comfortable to do in front of your Special Someone. 

Share Your Thoughts!:D

X x x


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