Lovers Tiff!: Be Nice! ;0)

Hey Hey! 😀


Quite a while back when I first started blogging I made two posts called Lovers Tiff! and now I am making part three 😀

To see the first and second part please click the links below:

For this post I think I will make be making it very simple. 

What you shouldn’t say                                                           What may be more appropriate 

  • I’m fine!                            I’m not ok and I would like to talk about what happened, but I know you might not want to

  • What is wrong with you?!                                          Is everything alright? You are not your usual self

  • We need to talk                                             There have been some things  that have been bothering me. I would like it if we could talk about those things

  • Why can’t you be more supportive?             I feel like I’m not getting the right support from you

  • You never listen to me!        I feel like you are ignoring me as I have to keep repeating myself

  • I hate you!                I think our relationship is becoming a bit difficult for me

  • I can’t trust you                                    I just want you to know that I Love and trust you just like I know that you Love and trust me to always be with you

  • Why can’t you just leave me alone! I would appreciate it if we could have sometime to think. It does not mean our relationship is ending  I just need to be alone for a little while

  • You only think of yourself  I’d like it if you tried to be understanding more  of what I want too

  • You never want to do anything with me anymore Maybe we should try and do something different today

I am sure there are many others but hopefully this gives you an idea of what I mean by trying to be nice. I know you won’t always react this way first but do try and I’m sure you’ll be thinking the more nicer way in no time. You will be surprised in how much difference it will make when you have differences with your Special Someone.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀 

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3 thoughts on “Lovers Tiff!: Be Nice! ;0)

    • No, theres no lying at all. It’s what we are all thinking but just don’t say because we get hurt and angry first then think after. It’s still the truth but just by thinking in a more understanding way and wording things differently, you can make a real difference to your conversation, aswell as being honest and open in what you want to say. As you can see at the top left of the list I have put ‘i’m fine!’ which alot of people use for when they are upset and angry and is most likely to be a lie when used because clearly they are not fine. Being understanding is the first step to dealing with delicate situations and you have to think of others first for that to happen. X


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