Fairy Tale Relationships

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For this post I thought I would kind of connect to the Honeymoon stage post but talk in a bit more detail. To see the Honeymoon stage post please click the link below :D:


In my opinion things can still be all sweet and nice for many years, as soon as you accept the fantasy has ended and reality has begun. When people get into relationships, they generally expect a fairy tale as that is what is portrayed in films and books, but I will tell you that it is only half right. Yes, there are beautiful parts of being in a relationship but it doesn’t mean that it is always “okeydokey” (that’s just my word ;0) hunky dorey just don’t seem right) all the time and I don’t mean some wicked step mother coming in and handing out poisoned apples.

The main thing couples don’t realise is that things will change as time goes on and I feel that becomes a problem, especially when you don’t acknowledge that those changes are normal. Something I can tell you about when things were serious and a bit routine-y with me and my Special Someone, is that I could never tell my Special Someone what I wanted and what I was unhappy with. Our fairy tale was kind of ending and you would think I would be comfortable enough to tell him that the changes were making me feel a little insecure(just so you know I am not so insecure or even at all anymore 😀 ) When it comes to relationships communication is always the key, if you are not happy then let your Loved one know, VERY important piece of advice( If you are worried about upsetting your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner try word your thoughts and feelings in a different and more nicer way then you would normally do, as sometimes the way we first express our issues in relationships it causes more offence then we realise)

Relationships and Love are beautiful things but they are not Disney movies and fantasies, they are real and what is real are all those things you may think no good relationship should have, but they do. Arguments, disagreements and problems will exist even if it’s not all three of those, expect something to happen(that is not being negative). Having problems in a relationship doesn’t mean it is bad, what makes it bad is how you handle those problems. Be prepared to solve things, hold it together and still be nice. I have links of previous blog posts which will include how to solve problems or even prevent them,  please click the links below:



I hope you all get your Happy Ever After!;0)

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