Just for a HuG!

Hey Hey!! 😀

Silhouette image of a couple romancing at the beach

Something random that just popped into my head. Very sweet and cute but definitely a one off.

During the first year of dating my Special Someone I remember a specific night. I was eating my dinner and my Special Someone and I were texting each other back and forth (we don’t live together) and I just had one of those silly lovey dovey moments. I wanted nothing more then to be with him at that exact moment and to have him wrap his arms round me tight, yep…. I wanted a BiG BiG HuGGy! 😀 Lucky for me my Special Someone wanted to be with me too ;0) It was 8-9pm and I had relatives staying so it  wasn’t exactly the time or place to be randomly going out.  We both wanted to be together and sometimes you got to do what you want sometimes, so my Special Someone said he would drive over in 10mins(!!). Longest 10mins ever but he was finally outside so I snuck out the door and ran out to his car and we had one of the biggest, nicest sweetest hugs we have ever had (well at that time it was ;0))  I spent no longer then 5mins for a quick HuGGy time and got back to the house before anyone had noticed I’d gone. A little niceness for you, just show up at your special someone’s place and give them a hug, its sweet and spontaneous and it will make the both of you feel special

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