The Importance of Laughter :D

 Hey Hey!! 😀

I found something that is used a lot in relationships, especially when people are looking for a romantic interest, they always have this on the top of their lists- Some one who can make them laugh 😀

Laughing is one of those things that can be very beneficial to you, I have a link to prove it: D

Laughter is the best medicine :

Relationships should be fun whether you are just starting out or been together for years, one thing you should never forget to do is laugh together.   You will be surprised by what it can do for you both. Here’s a list 😀

1. Releases stress

2. Makes awkward situations better

3. Brings you closer together

4. Makes you look more attractive ;0)

5. A way of having fun

6. Makes you feel good on the inside

To be able to laugh together in your relationship you need to:

1. Not be too serious

2. Be able to laugh at yourself

3. Have inside jokes

4.Have a sense of humour! ;0)

5. Be yourself! (don’t try too hard)


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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