You Flirt!: To flirt or not to flirt

Hey Hey!! 😀

Flirting is an odd word, but it has many languages 😉


Flirting can be viewed in many ways, harmless fun, being friendly, to get attention and to show someone that they are interested in them. Only problem is that sometimes you can’t tell which one it is.

In my case I have been flirted with and not even realised that was happening half the time aswell as me flirting with others (my friend thinks this) and not even known I was doing it (i still don’t know to this day what I had done- this was quite some time ago before my Special

My opinion on flirting is quite straight forward I think. If you are in relationship just don’t flirt with others. You might think it’s harmless fun but most of the time the other person (guy or girl) will have other ideas. You’ll have to deal with awkward situations. Just don’t go there. Trust me! 😉 If you are single and out with friends and just messing around, again, best to not go there. Harmless fun maybe, awkward-ness and strange people most likely. Genuine interest then flirt your heart out!;-) just be careful of rejection and going all Love crazy!

Share Your Thoughts!:D

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